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Jaylan A. Scott is a 19-year-old young democrat who serves as the current Executive Vice President of Young Democrats of Georgia. He is the most recent (2018-2019) Deputy Finance Director of Young Democrats of America who assisted in raising tens of thousands of dollars for YDA.

His experience dates back to 2017 where he made his start into politics interning on Michael Blake's successful race for DNC Vice-Chair handling political communications. During Blake's race for DNC Vice-Chair, Jaylan was inspired and began to dream that one day he will serve as a voting member of the Democratic National Committee.

Since 2017, Jaylan has done further work in political communications with many political campaigns and organizations such as Stacey Abrams for Governor, New Leaders Council, PCCC, Future Majority, and more! Currently, Jaylan works as a political communications consultant at Southern Majority working to win races in tough places.



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